March already?

Okay, this is a new month, which means I will do better with this. And this time I mean it. Hubby  and I are working on getting Glitter Bug a new bed, a big girl bed. She is almost two and still wants to sleep in her crib. I think it is time for her to move up.

She is talking more and trying to mimck everything that we say. YAY!! She is counting back to you now up to ten in english and spanish. Not great mind you but still trying. She is also picking out pictures out of a book and telling you what they are.

Hubby  is still searching for a job. One good thing that came out of this being he gets to spend more time with Glitter Bug . So now she is a Daddy’s girl for sure.

I just had an interview for historical researcher at my job and hoping I get it. If I did that would mean only one job instead of two. I have made some personal goals this year like start my first quilt, keep a better house, have a dinner party, and really work on my writing are just a couple of small ones. The big one is to spend more time with Glitter Bug.

Until we next meet,


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