Well, as my husband and I started on deep cleaning the house, we found something kinds weird. First maybe I should give some background information. When I went back to working forty hours a week at the park for the first day, I didn’t take my laptop and camera.(Which I should say I do regularly now and usually did/do.) Well, by the time, my husband made it home from the job he was working, he found out that someone had broken into the house. As you can imagine home suddenly did not feel like home anymore. I raced home from my mother-in-law’s to see what happened, we found out they took my laptop (which had all of my baby girl’s pictures and my documents(we have been able to recover most of the stuff we lost.)) our camera, the old coins we had been saving for our daughter. And the glass and wood they took out to get into our home.Well, really the most important thing is none of us were home and no one was harmed.

Okay, back to deep cleaning. We started cleaning out behind the washer and dryer. Yes I know why did it take us so long to clean behind the washer? Well, I do work two jobs and spend most of my free time with Glitter Bug. Anyway, low and behold, behind the washer was the glass and the wood we thought they took. Wow right? I was happy. God gave us a little something back. Besides our health.

My husband takes it to police station and after a twenty minute wait they tell him to come back on Thursday. That is when the officer who came to our house will be back. Does that mean they can’t do anything? Why can’t someone else help. We have the case number still. Just plain weird to me.

Glitter Bug  is bringing  me stuff, dress up time.

Next time,


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