Maybe I should have know…..

Well, I guess maybe I should have known that it may be that no one reads this. We all feel like there is someone out there who would like to know about our lives.

Now, on to what I want to be. I would like to be a published author. Yes, it is the same wish most of us have or will have. Plain and simple as that.
Until we next meet,
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One thought on “Maybe I should have know…..

  1. A-
    Don't give up on blogging, especially if you want to be an author. It will give you a place to put your ideas down and practice writing. The whole blog thing is like a business now, you have to market your site to get readers, it can be exhausting in itself. Decide why you want to blog and stay focused on that. If you want to promote your blog, email me, I will tell you what I have done tht have worked and not worked. I am not as focused on it as I should be (if my desire is to be a successful blogger).
    Stephanie (aka The Park Wife)

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