Okay, I am back. I promise. I have been spending time with my little monkey. And I have to say that I have leaned loads from her in this little time that I have gotten to spend with her. For example, she loves to watch Cinderella over and over. She also likes to stay up after we put her to bed. But I have to say my favorite thing is some of the things she says. Today she learned how to say you are so adorable. Then she takes it back. She is going to be a hand full one of these days.

I would like to say thanks to the Park Wife. She left my first comment and gave me some great advice.(Which I will be following.) She also stopped by my work and encouraged me. Thank you, Park Wife. It really meant a lot to me. So to follow her advice, I am going to try to focus on one or two things here. First I do want to become a published author. Which means for now I will be posting some of my writing on here. I hope you all enjoy. The other thing is I will continue to write about my little monkey and life for me and my family.
Movie time for the parents.
Until we next meet,
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One thought on “Thanks!!!

  1. Great job!
    Sign into blogger, go under
    layout, add gadget, Labels. Add this, it will place a list on the right of your labeled post. So, if someone just wants to read your stories, they can click on that link and read all your writing, or if a family memeber is interested about posts about your daughter, they can click on that label.

    Keep it up!!!!
    The Park Wife

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