Here is part of a story that I have started.

This story will be done in parts. Hope you guys enjoy!! Please let me know what you think about it.

With nearly the last of their strength, the Elders sent out the dream yet again to the Lost One. They had been sending these dreams for what seemed like an eternity instead of the past year. However, each time the dreams were sent out their strength waned a little more.

“My fellow Elders, this is the last time that the dreams will be sent to the Lost One. We can only hope that she will understand with the instructions that we have been sending. If she does not, we know that our time is over, and the Dark One will have his chance at the Lost One. For now, we will rest until we know she is on her way. If she leaves I will be able to tell her name to you all. Anyone who feels her movements must tell the others.” Said Elder Ben.

Three days of rest passed slowly for the Elders. None of them were sure if any of them were able to feel the Lost One. The last time the Dark One found the Lost One before any movement was felt. That will not happen again. They could not lose this time; if they did it could mean the end of the Lost Ones and them. The youngest Elder, Ara, put the fears all of them were feeling to rest when she came running to the main chamber with her robes billowing behind her.

“She is on her way. At first I was not sure, but there is no mistaking her passage through the land. She will arrive before the Winters. However, she is being followed by Seekers.”

“The Lost One will try to return to us. We will not be able to help Mary anymore. She must use her skills and remember her instructions on the rest of her journey. Now we will make ready for her to stay with us. Her name must not be spoken outside of these walls. If the Dark One finds out her name, then all our work will be for nothing.”

Only Elder Ara noticed the name that Elder Ben gave them seemed false. She must ask him about this. The only reason he would give a false name was if he thought one of the Elders had betrayed them. She hated to think about what might happen if Ben had given the Lost One’s true name. She hurried after Ben so she could talk to him about this. Gods help them if she was correct in her thoughts.

As twilight descend upon the grove of trees, none of the travelers seemed to notice the lone figure that came riding in after most had already set up camp. I could not have hoped for more than that, because if I was discovered then there would be hell. And that being the last thing that I wanted. I ran away in hopes to find what had been calling to me. For the past year, I woke in a cold sweat trying to remember what my dreams had been telling me. However, it was a couple of weeks before I finally remembered what they meant and now here I was on my own with just luck. But that was only going to get me to a point and just my skills would be left.

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