Fairy Wings.

Okay, so let me explain. Glitter Bug had been wanting this wings for about a month, however, I did not just want to buy them for her. I wanted to make her understand if she got them, it would be because she earned them. When I say earned, she earned the money to buy them doing things we asked her to do. Like picking her books, toys, and such. So a month later when she earned enough money to buy them, we went shopping. Okay we went looking. Sometimes I just like to get out of the house and take her to the store for just Glitter Bug and Momma time. We are walking down one of the toys aisles (it just happens to have the wings on it.) and she sees them. She looks up at me and says: “Momma I need my wings, please.” I just about melted right there. I told her that she did earn enough money for them if she wanted to spend her money. She thought about it and said: “The wings can wait. I don’t want to need them.” A couple of days later, we are back and see them again. She askes for them again and I tell her the same thing. This time she says: “Okay, I can want them. I need them.” We take them to cashier and she rings the wings up, telling me the total. I look at Freya and say: “You need to pay the lady if you want your wings.” Glitter Bug looks at the lady and tells her they are for her and gives her the money. The cashier gives her the change and the wings. All the way home she is talking about the wings. She can’t want to wear them.
After finally getting home and getting things done that we should, we go outside to try them on. Of course the camera had to come out to take pictures and a video. We spent like two hours “flying”. It was great. Hope you enjoy!!

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