Part Three

things were turning out, they might just catch up to me before I reach the next town if I don’t ask for some help from either some other traveler or from the Faye. Asking the Faye for their help would the most likely thing but then other mages would be able to ask about me and then my plans would be known. I knew that there was a couple of Faye that did not help any mages besides me because of the favors done for them in the past but that did not stop them from talking to each other about me. The solution seemed easy enough but would the humans I picked be willing to believe that I was doing what I thought was right and not negating my duties or even worse turning rouge like that Gerald?
As I was packing the saddle bags and saddling my tired horse again, a thought kept coming back to me. The two men that were talking about me didn’t seem to be the normal pair traveling together. The one called William did not appear to be as old as the others thought him to be. Could he be a Queen’s agent? If he was then the other man, James must be as well. I knew that the Queen’s agents came in pairs because of the line of work that they were in is extremely dangerous. Only mages that could prove their unfaltering loyalty could become agents. I had turned down becoming a Seeker as only a few knew them. There have only been a couple times they could not find what the Queen sent them out for. The results of those fruitless trips are still something that is not discussed. If those two men are Seekers then they might not know who I am at this moment. I had been careful to keep the hood up as if it were cold which was not too unbelievable since it was early fall. No one seemed worried about me sitting alone instead of being around the big fire. All this considered I realized that I was relying on chance too much and asking them to go with me would let me keep an eye on them just in case they were Seekers. Done with packing, I set off to ask if they would accompany me tonight.
When I found them, they were quietly discussing with each other. I was only able to catch the last couple of words and they sounded strangely like these two men might know who I really was. For a fleeting moment I was tempted to turn and leave as quick as possible, but then decided if they knew me, it meant a pursuit I didn’t have time for nor wanted.
“Good evening. I was wondering if the two of you would be kind enough to accompany a lady on her journeys. I know that it is night and the worst sort travel at night, but I must make it to the docks soon. My mother is ill and a ship will be leaving within the next week. I need to be on it.”
“Lady….we don’t know your name. How are we to be sure that you really are on the errand that you say you are on? Not just bandit who is trying to deceive us. We saw you ride in after everyone else. Prove to us your errand and we will consider your request for our company.” William said.
“If you insist on such silly things which anyone can do William; that is your name if my memory serves me well? My name is Err.” I said.

Until we next meet,

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