Part four of my story

“Aye William is my name, now if you please.”
Silly man if he really thinks this proves anything. A simple illusion, which any mage could do, would work on the average person, but I must remember that William and his companion may not just be average people. So the picture would have to be of an actual person close to me; that way they could feel the connection I have to them. This idea was beginning to like very bad one. With one last thought, I began to bring up the image of April, my little sister that I had not seen in a few years, who would help for the aging part. It was hard not to make April look like Mother. Our mother has been sick for many years but had aged well because she was a minor mage, which explains how I got my ability. If I made April look like our mother when she was better, the Seekers could locate my family quickly and use their welfare against me. I must take caution. I could tell by looking at the two gentlemen, that they were starting to believe me and now I could keep tabs on them, without worrying about them following me.
“Alright, Err, we believe what you have told us. However, if we are going to be traveling tonight, then you must listen to what we have to say and follow what we tell you. It is dangerous to travel at night especially for ladies. Stay close and let us do the talking. One of the Faye’s favorite prey is night travelers.”
It was hard for me to keep a straight face at this. What some people will be believe. And to top it off, a Seeker no less, thought the Faye are dangerous. They were a Mage’s best communication. Of Course, now I know they didn’t know who I was. I would have to keep in mind what these men said. Mistress Morgyn would get a kick out of this one. That is if she was going to talk to me after trusting Seekers over her own people in this matter, no matter how strongly I felt about it. Trusting her was one thing, but some of her people were more loyal to Queen Miar more than Mistress Morgyn knew. To help her, I was willing to risk her wrath and future help from the Faye.
The traveling for the first couple of hours went fairly smooth. There were many times I had trouble dealing with certain problems that came about. One problem stayed with us, the two that were following us. If my companions were Queen’s Seekers, then they were playing their part as normal travelers very well. I could not let my full mage abilities be seen nor felt. However, we could not be slowed down or attacked by them. My sense of urgency was growing with each step. What was I going to do? There is no time to think, just time to act; our unwelcome company was upon us. The blackness began to feel more like a heavy cloak wrapping me within itself as I moved a fraction of an inch by instinct, two pair of hands grabbed the empty space that I had just occupied.
“Damn, Will, she is gone. Just like a Faye.” James cursed.

Until we next meet,

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