The last part of this story.

Well, this is the end of this story as of now. I am working on this one and I can’t seem to find any where this should go next. Hope you enjoyed this story and will be posting more as it comes available. Without futher ado the last part:

“She is here, keep looking. And it looks like I will be getting your pay for the next month. Never bet against someone who knows how Mages act.”
As I kept moving, I wondered why James had wagered against William. Surely Queen Miar would be interested in knowing that her own men bet on the outcome of the missions that they were sent. If they knew my true identity, why had they not acted? I began fleeing towards the line of trees that were near the road, a large shadow melted into view and walking very fast towards me causing me to spin around and start running towards the trees.
“Well, Tream, what did you see? Demanded William.
“Sir, just as Ream and I were closing in, the darkness became heavy around her and we lost sight of her. If we didn’t know that she was Mage Errigal, we would think her to be part Faye.”
“What is everyone’s problem with the Faye tonight? The tales that everyone is afraid of were made up by us. Stop talking nonsense. She is just another mage; there is no Faye within her. She used one of her tricks to escape us. More than likely she is still within hearing distance. Keep searching for her. I don’t want to report a failure to capture a mage, no matter how great they are supposed to be.”
Things just keep getting better with every breath, for the Seekers at least. I could not believe I had been caught in one of their traps. It would seem that I would have been better off asking for help from the Faye. It was too late to think that. To keep from being escorted back to the Queen, I kept running through the trees, since they were the few safe places for Mages. A gentle thought reminded the trees they needs to protect me and sent a plea for shelter to the Elves who lived in the area. I knew help would be questionable because of the standing treaty with Queen Miar.
As fatigue set in my legs, the morning light began filtering through grey clouds.

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