I must say I am sorry for not posting in a while. This past week I just didn’t have the heart to. I got some news about my job and no good news. On Friday, we had a conference call for all store managers. On the call the president of our company let us know the company is closing. They said this was teh only way left for our company. The time table given to us is about two months. Which means I will have my job for a couple of months and then join the lots of other people who are looking for a job. I am learning how to market myself to stand out which should help. Also I have made some good contacts through out Hope. I would love to be a stay at home mom however, fincally at this point in our life, is not stable enough to allow me. So for now I will amke the most of working and spending time with my little one. Of course working on my writing.
Well, my wonderful husband is home which means family supper.

Until we next meet,

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