These past few weeks have been wild. We now have a closing date of this Sunday. When do you ask we found out? Well that would be Monday. Yeah, you can guess how things are going for us. Of course the word is getting out we have a closing day. So naturally, people are freaking thinking they will not get movies. Just wow!! And it is not even the weekend yet. YIKES!!

Which brings me to my next point. I have not had time to work on my writing. Let’s just say this mom is doing extra duty. So when things finally come to a close, I will be working more on the writing. And getting to spend more time with my Freya. I will have three days a week off and they will be together. No weekends but I guess it just have to be that way.

Got to finish washing the dishes and more clothes to be put away. A Mom’s job is never done.

Until we next meet,

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