Time, Tea, and Help

It has been ages since I posted here. Okay, I accept it makes me a bad blogger…. Oh Well! Life has been good. My husband and I will have our four year anniversary next week(really I can’t believe it.) I am now working at my old job again. It is good most of the time. Just lucky I found a job.
Something else I have been doing is lots of reading and rediscovering my tea habbit. Now I know what you are thinking…Tea? Eveyone in the South drinks tea. Well loads of people. However, I love hot tea not just iced tea. My husband has been so kind to let me buy some tea we normally would not. I found at the local store a couple of tea products which are great. The Tea Nation’s earl grey is wonderful.(My first earl grey I might add.) Well, that got my tastebuds wondering what else is out there. So the next trip I bought Twinings variety pack. I have tried nearly all of them, but not quite. I like all so far which got me thinking can I buy online? And I can. There are a couple the store didn’t have but will have to wait until next paycheck. All the rambling leads to a goal of trying teas from around the world. And I need your help. Anyone who can tell me some teas they know would be great. Hope to hear from you guys soon.

Until we next meet,

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