Where do those ideas go?

I am sure you can tell by the title of this post, my ideas have left me. Don’t get me wrong, they are still in the big space of my mind. They simply do not want to come out. Just as I get ready to put one on paper or continue with another one, they jump ship. Then all I can think is: What are you guys doing? Quit running away.” So that let sums up my ideas are at the moment.

My midget is keeping me busy. She has an attitude to match her cuteness. Some of things she says has you rolling and then the next minute you want to send her to her room. The other day she and I were playing and she look up at me so serious and said: “Momma, the Wizard of Oz is my movie. It is my second favorite. You can’t have it anymore. Okay?” I just agreed with her. She has always love it and simply loves her red slippers we got her. I don’t mind her wanting her own copy of it. We( aka me) have like three different DVDs of it and two VCR tapes of it. (Yes I know hardly anyone has a VCR player any more.) So yeah she can have her own copy of it.

This got long quick. Okay, I promise to have some more ideas on here within the week. Better keep checking because it will be a new one!!

Until we next meet,

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