Cutest Dancer

I have found the cutest dancer in Hope if not in the whole state. And here she is!!!

We took her dancing back in January, maybe, at Washington. I thought she may enjoy going to this even though it was 19th century dancing. Boy was I right.

This picture just about melted my heart. I went to go dance with her but she walked up the Mr. Williams and said to him she wanted to dance with him. He agreed and away they went.

Seeing Midget dancing with her Daddy was the highlight of the night. And Daddy and I were talking after the dance and he said he could not pass the chance to dance with her. Also, he told her when we put her to bed he loved dancing with her and could not wait until they got to dance again together.

I have to say things like this make being a Mom and wife worth everything else.

Until we next meet,


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