The balance of things

“I feel like butter that has been scrape over too much toast” Bilbo Baggins, Lord of the Rings. I think this qutoe fits how I have been feeling. The things I have taken on seem to be stacking up. Just got to remember this woman is one person and the midget comes first. With this thought things should be put into place right? Wrong. Instead of slowing down, I might have picked up a couple of other things to do….Yeah we all feel this way however, I am hoping to slow down. My midget is only four so I should spend more time with her. This weekend (my weekend is different than everyone else’s) we are going to have a Midget day. Which will be doing nothing but what she wants. This should be fun.

I am trying to get back to into writing. My beastie from Lousiana has given my some great in couragement to get back up and write some more. Thank you very much beastie. Need to put the books down and get busy.

Time to get started on some of those ideas swimming around in my brain while I work.

Until we next meet,

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