Tis the Season

Another Thanksgiving came and has gone. By now the last remnants of the huge dinner shared by so many family members are gone. Now it is time for the next holiday: Christmas.
If you are like me you are looking forward to this with happy abandonment. Not for the commercialization but for the wonderful opportunities this season has to offer. Of course cooking, baking goods, decorating your house inside and out with cheer. I have noticed already pictures on Facebook (yes Facebook) showing trees dressed in their holiday trappings.
Then you have all the special movies and TV shows which come along with this time of the year. At my house it is a tradition to watch the old Rakin and Bass cartoons. Maybe some are not familiar with those names but if I said “Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer,” or “Frosty the Snowman” you might remember them. My midget and I get all comfy and snuggled on the couch and enjoy them the week before Christmas. Oh boy does it sound like so much fun?
I would love to have you all share some of your family traditions!!! So lets hear them!
For now I must go tackle some of the housework before it comes to get me.

Until we next meet,

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One thought on “Tis the Season

  1. Your family traditions sound awesome! I know little Freya loves her quality time with her Mommy and will remember these traditions for the many years to come. She's growing to be such a beautiful and smart young lady!
    I'm hoping that my little family will start to develop some new traditions like decorating the tree, drinking hot chocolate then snuggling up together with a classic Christmas story. I'd also like for us to adopt an angel from the angel tree and spend a day shopping for our angel instead of for ourselves. My family hasn't been able to follow traditions for years since we've been scattered across the country, time to start something new. *BIG HUG* A! I pray that God blesses your lovely family this Christmas season and that His loving peace and grace surrounds all of you from day to day. Love you lots! – A.J.

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