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I really don’t remember much about Halloween.  I know my two sisters and I went with our Mum but that is pretty much it. Besides the normal “you can’t eat the candy until I check it.” Every one’s mother I knew told their kids. I don’t blame them for doing. I still do check Glitter Bug’s candy and we don’t really go anywhere.

We also never did the hayride thing or corn/pumpkin maze. We just went to houses of family and friends on “The Road.” Our Mum could pretty much let us roam knowing we were not far from home. It was a more friendly time, everyone on “The Road’ knew who we were since no one had moved away for years. (My parents still live on “The Road”)

I will not forget the first time we took Glitter Bug “trick or treating. She was such a  witch. I am sorry to say I don’t have pictures of it anymore. I remember her being hot( it was like a giant oneis) so she only had to when we went to her Great grand parents and her Grandparents.

This year she wants to be “Iron Woman.” (This kid is all about calling things how she sees them) I guess we will have to see if she changes her mind .

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