Putting out pumpkins

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Traditions are a big part of the family I grew up in and the family I married into. Since we moved near my husband’s family Glitter Bug has been taking part of these traditions. I think this is great especially since she is getting to do all of this with her Great grand mother. Glitter Bug is sooooo lucky to get to spend time with all her grandparents and both of her GREAT grand parents. Nel-Nel (great grandmother) has this great empty field in front of her house that is right by the road. She uses this lot to celebrate seasons. In the fall she starts by putting out jack-o-lanterns. Well really I should say about 35 or 40 jack-o-lanterns. 
  This is Glitter Bug and Nel-Nel putting out the jack-o-lanterns. 
She also has this great tree she puts many different things in depending on the season. Right now it has homemade ghosts in it.
Glitter Bug thinking everything has to be just so. 
The last one going on with Nel-Nel looking on.
They also strung up lights and put them in the jack-o-lanterns.
 There is the great pumpkin that serves a double purpose.
Check it out!! After Halloween it becomes a huge pumpkin for Thanksgiving. Well really all the jack-o-laterns become reagular pumpkins.
 Nel-Nel and Glitter Bug wishing everyone a great fall. 

This is just part of the stuff which is put out. Just wait from Christmas Decorating. It starts after Thanksgiving and usually takes about a week and the whole family. Keep your eyes open cause it is kinda a huge deal around here. 
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