Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged

             I am super excited to go to Arkansas Women Blogger Unplugged this year. I have been wanting to go for the last two years but alas I have not been able to go. So this year I am going. I really am. Now we just got a new car (new to us) and that means we are having to reduce on other areas in our spending. How do I talk hubby into letting me go? Totally easy!
       Since we are both trying to be healthy, there is a simple way to do both. I figure for every pound I am lose to loose(and keep off) five dollars are earned. This helps encourage two ways. First, I loose the weight I need to instead of keeping the weight. Second, I will be earning the money I need to get AWBU.

      Hubby just gave me a third reason to keep me going. He said if I make it to two hundred pounds, he will get me the dress I have been wanting. I will be sharing a picture of the dress in my next post.

Until next we meet,


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