T-ball, pageants, and homecooking.

These last couple of weeks have been full of missed bedtimes, baths in the morning, and trying to cook at home in little amounts of time. Welcome to spring!

Glitter Bug started t-ball and so far has loved every moment of it. Secretly
 I think she likes showing out. Plus I have proof about it.

She just had to pose like this.

Last Saturday was her first (and last) pageant. Normally I would say no to doing pageants however, this was for Relay for Life. So I figured sure it is for a good cause. She sure looked beautiful! 

Diva Pose

I say last pageant because when it was her turn to walk across the stage she got upset because there were so many people there. (I can not blame her because I would be the same way.) So now we have a cute dress up dress to play with.

Home cooking has been hit and miss definitely this past week. There were a couple of nights when I scored mom points for the yummy suppers. I would have to say the biggest hit was the steak pieces and mushroom over mash potatoes. 
My own take on a Diner, Drive-ins and Dives recipe. 

This was super easy to cook!! We all love the show is one of a favorite shows to watch together. Glitter Bug is turning into a foodie. Bless her heart!

Anyway, this is similar to one we saw on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. I will say the original was inspiration  for what I made. I had some steak which needed to be used. So I thought sure why not.
2 steaks cubed
butter or oil to brown the meat
fresh mushrooms
potatoes, mashed
Put the butter or oil in a skillet. Cook until brown. If there is a lot of the butter or oil left drain.  At this point you should have some good dregs on the bottom of the pan. You are going to make a roux with this. (I found I had to add a little more butter to help with the roux.)  After your roux is made put the meat back in and add mushrooms. ( I also added a little brown gravy mix to the whole thing.) The mushrooms are going to reduce and release some water.) Cook until the mushrooms are done. 
Hubby and Glitter Bug LOVED this!! There were no leftovers. I guess this will be added to the favorites list.   
Would love to hear if you try this. 
Until we next meet,

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