Family Gardening.

We finally got around to planting our garden this evening. We were not sure if it should be planted since the weather has been so weird: hot one week and then cold the next. But this is Arkansas, no telling what the summer will be like.

Our nice “little” garden. 

Our garden double from last year. Last year we planted one row of purple hull peas, which made one pot of peas. Those was some good peas so why not double the rows?? Yup exactly what we did. Plus adding black eye peas and green beans. Also added so round zucchini called Round of Niece. These are great because they are heirloom seeds. This is something Hubby and I feel strongly about. Upon finding seed saver on the web, I was super excited. It was like a kid in a candy store. 

Of course Hubby is the same. 

Hubby watering the garden. 

I will be posting pictures of the garden as it grows. Just call me Farmer A

Until next we meet,

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