Exciting News!!

      If you read my blog you would know we had a wonderful mini vacation. Hubby and I were talking earlier this week and he then he popped out something which surprised me. He said we should visit all 52 State Parks. At first I was thinking there is no way. It would like forever to do this. The more I thought about it, the more it seemed like a good idea. This would be great way to introduce Glitter Bug to what our state has to offer. This is not something we are going to do all at once. So I hope ya’ll are ready.
      Hubby also said we should get something from each park. We let him pick what we get and he picked:


      Make sure you come back to see what Historic Washington is like this week.

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Family Mini Vacation Part 2

   I said I would post more this week, so y’all ready to go on a picture vacation again?

    We knew we couldn’t go a week long vacation due to having a cat (Isabella), two fish (Name who is a Goldfish and Blue Jay Fish who is a blue beta fish), and a garden. Hubby and I decided a weekend mini vacation would be the best idea since we have already been taking day trips to show Glitter Bug what is around our part of the state.  This time we wanted to get out and show her more of the state and cross off something on the list we made when she was born. So Petit Jean was our destination.

     I had never been there before but Hubby had been. So he was ready to show us the park. One thing he said we had to do was the Cedar Falls Trail. When we started out about 9 am I was looking forward to it. I mean how hard could it be? Then there were signs telling you if you had health problems not to go. At this point I was thinking: I don’t think I can do this. I am out of shape and never done anything like this before. Hubby said it will be okay just take it easy. On the way down it wasn’t so bad.

Look at the size of the rock. Sorry for the quality, I was being a mountain goat. 

    There were so many great pictures I was able to get. Go check out my Flicker steam to see them all. They will be up this afternoon. 

   We did all the normal tourist things. We hiked Cedar Falls, Bear Cave, Rock house, and Turtle Rock Trails. We went to all the overlooks, which are amazing!! 
One of the overlooks. 
The is from Cedar Falls Overlook.

Turtle Rocks!!

Hubby and Glitter Bug on Cedar Falls Trail.

Right behind Mather Lodge. 

Daddy and Daughter loving the rocks.

A photographer in the making.

Arkansas River in the left hand side. 
Glitter Bug and A 
   I don’t think we will forgot this trip any time soon. It was wonderful park to visit. If you get the chance you should check it out. 
Until we next meet,
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Mini Family Vacation

     We just got back from a Mini Family Vacation in our home state. We were so excited to get to take off and go see what our little state ( Arkansas) offers.
      Hubby has been telling me since right after Glitter Bug was born he wants to take Glitter Bug and myself to one of his favorite state parks from his childhood; Petit Jean State Park. We were not disappointed. There is so much to do and see I think when we go next time we will spend more than just a couple of days.

    I will post more about this later this week but just wanted to share a couple of pictures of this great State Park has to offer.

Worth it even though it is back up the mountain.

There is also the overlook to see.

Some rocks I had to take a picture of for our rock hound: Glitter Bug.

I  promise to post more about our trip later this week. 

Until we next meet,

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Roll Ups/Pin Wheels

We have had a nice little break from the heat this week, however, today it returns. I guess all good things have to end sometime. 
    Last week I was looking for something to do for supper(dinner) which would not require heating the house. Glitter Bug asked if she could pick out what we were having. This was great for me since it was her turn to pick family dinner. She picked roll ups. Now we call them roll ups but most people call them pin wheels. They are not the most healthy things to eat but every great once in while I don’t mind making them. (I must say I have been told by my husband family this is what I am to bring to every family function.) They are super easy to make as well as no cooking!!
Just a few ingredients. 
 Here is the list of what I used:
2 8oz packages of reduced fat cream cheese
2 small green onions cut up
1 TBS of homemade ranchmix
1/2 package of diced ham 
1/2 can of black olives 
1 package of tortillas.
Put all into a food processor and chop. Spread mixture over tortillas. Chill for one hour. Cut into slices, serve. 
   You can use whatever you want in the cream cheese mixture. My family loves olives and ham. You could try to sneak veggies into the mixture if you have trouble with anyone in your family eating them. Everything is mixed together, so throwing a couple of veggies in may not hurt. Have fun and experiment and let me know. 
Until we next meet,

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