Roll Ups/Pin Wheels

We have had a nice little break from the heat this week, however, today it returns. I guess all good things have to end sometime. 
    Last week I was looking for something to do for supper(dinner) which would not require heating the house. Glitter Bug asked if she could pick out what we were having. This was great for me since it was her turn to pick family dinner. She picked roll ups. Now we call them roll ups but most people call them pin wheels. They are not the most healthy things to eat but every great once in while I don’t mind making them. (I must say I have been told by my husband family this is what I am to bring to every family function.) They are super easy to make as well as no cooking!!
Just a few ingredients. 
 Here is the list of what I used:
2 8oz packages of reduced fat cream cheese
2 small green onions cut up
1 TBS of homemade ranchmix
1/2 package of diced ham 
1/2 can of black olives 
1 package of tortillas.
Put all into a food processor and chop. Spread mixture over tortillas. Chill for one hour. Cut into slices, serve. 
   You can use whatever you want in the cream cheese mixture. My family loves olives and ham. You could try to sneak veggies into the mixture if you have trouble with anyone in your family eating them. Everything is mixed together, so throwing a couple of veggies in may not hurt. Have fun and experiment and let me know. 
Until we next meet,

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5 thoughts on “Roll Ups/Pin Wheels

  1. These look good. My mom makes pinwheels, but not this version. We love ranch anything at our house so these might be a hit. Adding them to my "to make" pinterest page for sure.

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