Exciting News!!

      If you read my blog you would know we had a wonderful mini vacation. Hubby and I were talking earlier this week and he then he popped out something which surprised me. He said we should visit all 52 State Parks. At first I was thinking there is no way. It would like forever to do this. The more I thought about it, the more it seemed like a good idea. This would be great way to introduce Glitter Bug to what our state has to offer. This is not something we are going to do all at once. So I hope ya’ll are ready.
      Hubby also said we should get something from each park. We let him pick what we get and he picked:


      Make sure you come back to see what Historic Washington is like this week.

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6 thoughts on “Exciting News!!

  1. What a great way to see and share your Arkansas Love/Pride! Good luck on your adventure. I've been trying to get all 52 but I have a habit of re-visiting my favorites over and over.

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