What scares you?

We all have something that scares us, big ones and little ones. Some are weird to others however, to us they are not weird.

One thing which scares me that some might call weird is,………putting on makeup. Yup you read right makeup. My mom  always told my sisters and I growing up, we are pretty and don’t need makeup to help us. God made us beautiful girls(young ladies/women). I believed her and still do. So I really never bothered with make up. Not even on my wedding day.

Seven years later and He still loves me.

I figured if I didn’t wear any for our wedding and he still married me I do not need any other time. Now, I have Glitter Bug and I am scared she is going to want to wear makeup when she gets older and I have no clue about it. I know the best I can do is tell her the same thing my mom told me: “You are pretty. God made you beautiful so you don’t need it.” 

What scares you?
Until we next meet,

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Hope Watermelon Festival

This past weekend was the 37th annual Watermelon Festival. And boy was it fun! (And hot!!)

Glitter Bug went Thursday and Friday with her Great-Grandparents since they are part of Rusty Wheels.
This is a group of people who loved old time farm equipment. Really cool. She came home each evening all excited about Saturday since that was when we took her.

I thought it would be cool for her and her Great-Grandparents to have matching shirts. Glitter Bug and her aunt helped painting shirts. 

Too cute!!! 

There were a lot of vendors there. I think Glitter Bug’s favorite was the bull riding.

We didn’t stay all day, (Glitter Bug needed a nap and so did momma!) came back that evening for the family together/supper. I love how Hubby’s family has these family things more than just holidays.

 Of course we stayed to hear a local band, The Jason Helms Band, the watermelon idol winner and then Tracy Lawrence.

“No pictures Momma! I mean it and if you don’t I will put my hand up.”

I think she meant it.

It was a great time. Especially seeing all those big watermelons. (Sorry no picture of them.) Glitter Bug is already talking about next year. Maybe we will see you there!!

Until we next meet,

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Homemade Beef Stroganoff

   I know most people do recipes on Friday (Foodie Fridays) but I follow my own drum. Plus I have always loved to cook on Wednesday. It is the middle of the week which is great time to do something different if you are having a bad week or even a good week. So this week I decided to make beef stroganoff but I didn’t know how. So Google came to my rescue. After about twenty minutes of looking at different recipes, I liked pieces of different ones. Not one stood out, so I decided to make my own up.

1 lb of sirloin peite steak, cut thin
1/2 lb of sliced mushrooms
3/4 of a medium onion, thinly sliced
1/4 flour
1/2 cup of beef broth
seasoning of your choice
3 tablespoons olive oil
1/2 cup sour cream

In a large skillet, saute mushrooms and onion with olive oil. After 10 minutes, add meat to skillet. When meat is medium well, add flour, beef broth, sour cream. Cook for another 5 minutes. Serve with eggs noodles.

Step one: cook mushrooms and thinly sliced onions.

I am digging this Olive Oil right now. I love the easy pour top. 

I added this along with garlic. We really like the favor this brings to the dish. 

Yumminess in the making. Meat added. 

If you look at the bottom of the container, you will see there is very little garlic left. I guess it is time to get more. Maybe I can talk Hubby into a date night and go get more. (We buy in bulk with seasonings and we have to go to a different town to pick it up.) 

Add your flour. 

It makes a great roux. I had to add more since mine was a little thin.

YAY!!!! Got it right!! 

Add your sour cream and beef broth.  I had to get Glitter Bug out of the kitchen cause she kept asking if she could just have a little bit. 

I ADORE funky measuring cups. This one is 1/4 cup but works great because it is like a giant spoon. 

This is in my flour jar. Glitter Bug and I found them at a second hand shop. 

Finished product!! 

Side view. I love this dishes. They come in small, regular size plates, cups, and bowls. 
      There was just enough left for lunch today. I always feel supper is successful if Glitter Bug eats it. In this case she asked for seconds. Score one for me! 
    What is the new thing you have tried? I would love to hear about it.
Until we next meet,

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