Hope Watermelon Festival

This past weekend was the 37th annual Watermelon Festival. And boy was it fun! (And hot!!)

Glitter Bug went Thursday and Friday with her Great-Grandparents since they are part of Rusty Wheels.
This is a group of people who loved old time farm equipment. Really cool. She came home each evening all excited about Saturday since that was when we took her.

I thought it would be cool for her and her Great-Grandparents to have matching shirts. Glitter Bug and her aunt helped painting shirts. 

Too cute!!! 

There were a lot of vendors there. I think Glitter Bug’s favorite was the bull riding.

We didn’t stay all day, (Glitter Bug needed a nap and so did momma!) came back that evening for the family together/supper. I love how Hubby’s family has these family things more than just holidays.

 Of course we stayed to hear a local band, The Jason Helms Band, the watermelon idol winner and then Tracy Lawrence.

“No pictures Momma! I mean it and if you don’t I will put my hand up.”

I think she meant it.

It was a great time. Especially seeing all those big watermelons. (Sorry no picture of them.) Glitter Bug is already talking about next year. Maybe we will see you there!!

Until we next meet,

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