What scares you?

We all have something that scares us, big ones and little ones. Some are weird to others however, to us they are not weird.

One thing which scares me that some might call weird is,………putting on makeup. Yup you read right makeup. My mom  always told my sisters and I growing up, we are pretty and don’t need makeup to help us. God made us beautiful girls(young ladies/women). I believed her and still do. So I really never bothered with make up. Not even on my wedding day.

Seven years later and He still loves me.

I figured if I didn’t wear any for our wedding and he still married me I do not need any other time. Now, I have Glitter Bug and I am scared she is going to want to wear makeup when she gets older and I have no clue about it. I know the best I can do is tell her the same thing my mom told me: “You are pretty. God made you beautiful so you don’t need it.” 

What scares you?
Until we next meet,

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