District Fair

     We are special in my city because we have a county fair and also a district fair. To be fair our county fair is on a smaller scale, but district is the one all the kids (young and old) look forward to. All the rides, food, and games you have waited a year for. We still have arts and crafts plus canning. But really its the rides Glitter Bug looks forward to.

       We found out this summer we have a bit of a daredevil on our hands. (Go ahead and send a quick prayer our way she is only six.) We were at Petit Jean State Park and she told us she is going off the diving board with a life jacket on. After about twenty or so times we were able to talk her into just coming back the next day. I have to admit it takes a lot out of you watching your child do something like that. We were expecting like her wanting to ride some of the crazy rides plus some of the normal rides.

     First up was the Ferris wheel. It wasn’t too bad.

This is a view from the top. Did I mention I don’t care for heights??

My ridding buddy, Hubby. Glitter Bug rode with a friend.

    Anybody remember the tilt-a-wirl? Glitter Bug said we had to ride it again this year. She laughed and screamed so much I am surprised she was not horse from it. I have to say hearing your child laugh with glee is one of the best feelings. Next she wanted to ride this one:

Glitter Bug was just barely too short to ride. I was never so happy.

This doesn’t look so bad right?

  This ride was her favorite. She asked if we could please go get more tickets to do it again. With it already being way past bed time we opted into letting her do one more ride. And it was just perfect.
     Seems like a nice easy thing except Glitter Bug decides to turn sideways and we heard an awful thud. As she is running up to me she says: “Momma, I turned and thudded. That was fun!!”  
    So missing out on a little sleep was worth it. I am hoping she will forget there is a state fair in a couple of weeks.
Until we next meet,


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