Pinnacle State Park

Pinnacle State Park was just one of the last few parks we visited. This was on our way back home from camping. By this time, we were all a little cranky and tired. After two days of camping with a six year old (with rain on the last evening which meant being stuck in the tent.) you might have an idea how things were at this point.

At the point she said “I am done with pictures. Just want to go home.”
Even though Glitter Bug was tired and ready to go home, she was excited to be here at this park. She loved the overlook. 

I have to agree this is an epic view!! 

There was also this great quarry pond. The water is very green. 

The sign does say “No swimming”

There are also a couple of picnic tables beside this pond. I think there will be family picnics here soon. Of course there are some pretty wicked trails here. Glitter Bug wanted to go on the one which goes up the mountain. (There is no way I could make it up there unless we could camp and do it in steps.) Working on getting into shape so we can take her up.

There are some easier trails which we will be doing next time we go up. They also have horse back riding and this awesome open park area where you could have a group luncheon, bring your dog, meet some new people, or just hang out. Hubby and I think we might have found our new favorite park. 
There is a hands on exhibit about footprints. 

You can go here to check out Arkansas State Parks to plan your own trip.

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