Cork boards no more.

I have a problem with space in my house. There is not enough. I am sure everyone has the same problem. I don’t really like the look of a lot of picture frames or plain cork board. Plus cork boards are big. How could I fix it? Easy.

 At Wal-Mart there are these square pieces of cork board. So it got me thinking, how can I use these? Then it hit me.

These were my tools for the evening. Sometimes these are the best tools. 

The best way to cover I found was to outline the cork with extra fabric. 

When I use Mod Podge, I like to to cover my entire work surface with it so the fabric gets a chance to go on smooth. 

See? Nice smooth fabric on the front. The only thing left was to tuck the edges around the back. Simple with a little Mod Podge holding down the fabric. 

Everything nice and tucked, ready to be hung after the string is attached to the back . 

This fat quarter was the perfect size. Only a little scrap left over. 

Simple little fix of lack of space to hang things. Or if you want to you use them as fabric art on your walls. When you get tired of them you can recover with new fabric. They are flexible enough to be placed in any pattern you like.  One of the drawbacks I found was the cork was a little thin. Next time I will be putting two together to give it a little more stability and thickness. 
Until we next meet.

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