New Address!!!

Did you notice the address of my blog has changed? No? I don’t think you are alone. Yesterday I took a big step and got my own domain name. It is time to grow and expand. Really excited to make some changes. The name will be easy to remember:

Keep checking back. Changes are coming and hope you will bare with me though this process.

Until we next meet,

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Our New Backyard Pets

This is the second year we have had chickens. Last year our chickens didn’t make it through the first night outside. So far we have made two weeks and things are looking great. There are 24 chickens. Yes 24! We are hoping most of them are hens. So there will be new chickens maybe by next spring. 

Glitter Bug named this one “Fuzzy Legs”

So excited to have them eat out of my hand. The big white ones tend to peck my fingers! OUCH!!

This is one of the Bantams. Batman..

This is the only Coon action we have seen. 

Only can get to the chicken food. 

Hanging out eating clover flowers.

This is Duo…Kinda explains it’s self. 

This is Robin the other Bantam. 

We are excited to see them grow up and maybe add more chickens or other animals to our little place.

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