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Last weekend we picked up Glitter Bug from my parents and actually got to spend some time with them.
I like to share with them things happening with us even though I talk to my mom many times a week. This time I was showing my Daddy only in Arkansas site which Arkansas Women Bloggers (who are positive group of women)  provide the stories and post for. He went on to tell me about how some bloggers only attack others and focus on the negative. He shared this nugget of wisdom: “It’s easy to focus on the negative and hard to focus on the positive.”
It has struck a cord with me. Yes it is hard to focus on the positive. Even when things are going great for yourself, something creeps in and makes the negative seem important.

Several times this week already, I have found myself thinking negative but then I hear Daddy’s voice saying this again. Such a little thought but powerful. Maybe we get to be adults, we don’t listen to our parents as much as we should. I am thankful for things like this to help me realize I am not as grown up as I should be. Also grateful to have both my parents share wisdom.

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