Little Smell Savers: Odor Check

I have received product and/or monies for the review. The opinions express are my own.  

There is a dirty little smelly secret in my house. My husband’s boots. Like most men, Hubby’s boots always have a powerful smell after a day of work. There have been talk of banning his boots outside right after he takes them off. And this year has been wet especially this summer which makes the smell worse. 
I had gotten Odor Check to test and I thought after a rainy day that this would be a great time to try out and see if they lived up to their name. 
These really are great!

Hubby’s boots after a raining day. 
One for the right.
One for the left. 

I was not hoping for much of since I haven’t found anything to help with the smell or the dampness. After letting them sit in them over night, Hubby reported his boots didn’t smell or even have a slight damp to them. 

Now, there is no talk of banning his boots which makes Hubby very happy. These have been a life saver. We will be buying more of these.

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