Fair fun and ribbons

It’s the time of the year where the crispness of the night is welcomed like an old friend and the bright lights are on display. It is Fair time!

When I was child going to the fair was all about the games, rides and food. I never thought about the pageant or where all the crafts and canning came from or how it got to into the fair. But the last couple of years have been different for my family and myself. We have had the joy of joining a little group called EHC( extension homemakers club) and where we found out how the arts, crafts, and canning gets to the fair.  This has been a great thing. These ladies (mostly) work tireless to help put together the arts, crafts, and canning part of the fair. This group is a great for the whole family. Most counties in Arkansas have one so you should check it out. It is a great place to learn great skills and to craft as well.

Here is our fair fun and entries:

Until we next meet,

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