New Year, new things.

Today is the first day of a new year. 2015 if just full of things to come, what can be done and what memories can be made.

This year I wanted to participate in the word for the year. About a week ago, I began to think what word could help me. Seriously, choosing a word kind felt like I was picking out my child’s name. First I got a list of words together and then narrowed down to about ten words. Next, I looked at those words and looked and looked but nothing was speaking to me.

Then it hit me. Just like most things hit you as I was trying to fall asleep. The word flashed across my mind in bright neon lights.

Makes perfect sense to me as I saw it written. Potential of what I can do, what can happen, what can go right, what can go wrong, what can be crafted, what can be written, or even what can be let go. 
There was another word which spoke to me as well: write. So unofficially write will be my word too. I need the extra push to write. I love to make stories but have never finished them. If you feel like helping me out every now and then ask  me if I have been writing or even ask to read some I have wrote. 
I am looking forward to this year and keep checking back here to see the potential happening here. What is your word for this year? 
Until we next meet,

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3 thoughts on “New Year, new things.

  1. I love your word. I was having trouble picking a word this year, and then it just hit me. I like it when those things happens. Make me feel like I'm making the right decision.

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