Family, Friends and a 5K

This year of potential has been full. Lots of walks/runs with friends. These past couple of weeks have been lots of miles and it has been wonderful. The training for my 5K on the 28th has been steady. Then I went and did something completely crazy.

On Thursday, I found out there was a 5K schedule for the 21st right here in my town. The first thing was think I should totally do this and then the next thought was “What are you thinking? You are already doing one next week. Don’t ask for trouble.”  I decided to stuff the negative thoughts down and just go.  Holly couldn’t go (even though she is the one who told me about the race) and it was looking like I was going to do it alone. I mean my Hubby and Glitter Bug were going to be there to cheer me on. And another friend agreed to go with me.

So the big day arrived today. I am totally rocking those running pants and basketball shorts. This is pre-race still smiling because I have no clue what is coming up. And the nerves kicking in, big time! Thank goodness Hubby, Glitter Bug, and Jack were still calm and telling me the race can be done. Not long after this picture was taken they called for all the runner to head to the start line. As the runners starting lining up, I was second thoughts but Jack was there to help me start and finish the race. Then boom! We were off, running up hill. At this point, I found out I still need lots of training to do. There was running, walking and talking for the first two miles. 
Remember the basket ball shorts? They became too much in this heat (if you call 60 degrees heat. I do in winter). So here we are in a house subdivision walking and I stop and remove the basket ball shorts.  Giggle fit hit because I am pretty sure seeing a woman stepping out of shorts was funny. 
I will not lie the last mile was very hard and I totally thought the end would never come. When the mile 3 sign was spotted a little part of me just wanted to go hug the sign and stay there but Jack was encouraging me to finish the race. 
49 minutes after I started the race, I finished the race. My first 5K was under an hour and over! Then it hit me: I can’t wait until the next 5K. 
Until we next meet,
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