Not so amusing wake up call.

Last week was full of excitement for our trip to a local amusement park. I have never been and Glitter Bug could not wait to go. We picked up her cousin and off we went. The excitement in the truck was catching and continued the whole ride.

After entering the park, we hatched our plan of what rides to ride. The first couple of rides were the water rides of course. With a nine year old water rides are a must. The next rid had Glitter Bug waiting because it goes upside down. Hubby, cousin and I got ready to ride. Did I mention I HATE rides?! So here we are sitting waiting for everyone to board.  As the ride fills up the bar lowers to keep us from falling out. It is a snug fit. As the ride attendant came by he said I have to lower the bar more. Okay, now it is tight. It clicked and I thought okay let’s get this ride over.  Then the attendant comes back and says the ride still says it is not locked. Again he pushed down and now the bar is making it hard to breath. At this point I am thinking this ride is about to start. Nope, instead the attendant came back to let me know the bar is not locked in place. I told him to just let me off.

Mortified I am too fat to ride, I climb down to wait with my daughter. I had to do the walk of shame in front of a FULL ride. How did this happen? Don’t get me wrong I know weight has been put on but surely not enough to keep me from riding a ride. This felt like the lowest point of my life.

I have spent the last week in a funk about this. Question how I did this. Why I did this. I could blame stress, lifestyle etc, but really I did this. Now it is up to me to make changes to remove this weight. Small steps  are happening in our house. More fruits (tomatoes and clementines), fresh veggies and smaller meals. Lots of walking and pick up running again. You can follow my journey on Instagram with the hashtag; #getfitalicia. Also feel free to encourage when you can or want to.

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4 thoughts on “Not so amusing wake up call.

  1. Hey girl! I just wanted to let you know that you are NOT alone. I am going through a weightloss program right now too, well…more like a get-fit program. I put the exercises together myself.

    Anyway, I'm sorry that you had to go through such a mortifying experience. I've been there myself, off an on, my whole life. I'm here for you. If you'd like me to send you any of my workout plans–no problem, just let me know. If you're looking for meal plans, I can let you know what is working for me. If you feel like giving up or just need someone to talk to, I'm your gal. We're in this together!

  2. I like it friend. Well, not that it happened. I'm so sorry about that. But, that you are going public with taking care of yourself. Jackie and I have been having this conversation and just this week, we shared veggie substitute recipes. Reach out…I be the accountability could help us all!

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