Arkansas Women Bloggers Conference

Two  weekends ago  was amazing but scary.

When The Parkwife emailed me to telling me I was going to the Arkansas Women Bloggers Conference I was over the moon!! I mean like jumping up and down in my seat excited. Hubby received a text in all caps. I could not believe I was getting to go.

I started looking at everything which was being offered in the way of speakers. (Yes I had all the sessions number in the order I wanted to go to.) Of course you need a list of what you were going to pack, which I made the same evening.  I totally geeked out about going.

The Friday of the conference, Hubby drove me up since as he puts it “It is safer for everyone” that I do not drive in big cities. When we pulled up, I saw all these women and wondered what was I thinking about coming to this. I have just a silly little blog and here are these awesome bloggy women. The “I am not good enough nerves” set in hard. I told Hubby, “Just keep driving. Don’t stop I can’t do this. Please take me home.” Thankfully he calmed me down and gave me the best advice he could: You are good enough to meet these women. Get out of the car and remember, Glitter Bug and I love you. See you Sunday.

Walking to my cabin I was scared about who I was going to room with. I mean I don’t know anyone here beside The Park Wife and Ting’s Mom. When I opened the door to the cabin, I was greeted by chatter of these women. And instantly was asked who I was and my blog. I thought maybe this wasn’t so bad. And I was right.

Cyndi  yay for yarn
Jeanetta  Doctor Who fans should stick together.
Vera  Cool lady
Elizabeth  Hello author!!
Katie  Sweetest lady

These women are amazing. They talked to all of us like we had known each other for years instead of just meeting. This was their first year as well. I felt loads better about coming. They were just as new and doing good.

If there is anything I can take from Saturday is this: I am important no matter what. No one can take from me.(Thanks Boo Mama) And got to here from so many authors from our state. Thank you ladies for inspiring me again.

We also got another roommate.(After spiders attacked)

Peggy  Awesome!

I left with a real sense of all these women care. I matter and stop comparing myself to everyone.  Can’t wait till next year!!

Where we stayed: Ferncliff

P.Allen Smith!

Boo Mama and Me
Ting’s Mom and Me. 
The Park Wife and Me.

Until we next meet.


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Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged

             I am super excited to go to Arkansas Women Blogger Unplugged this year. I have been wanting to go for the last two years but alas I have not been able to go. So this year I am going. I really am. Now we just got a new car (new to us) and that means we are having to reduce on other areas in our spending. How do I talk hubby into letting me go? Totally easy!
       Since we are both trying to be healthy, there is a simple way to do both. I figure for every pound I am lose to loose(and keep off) five dollars are earned. This helps encourage two ways. First, I loose the weight I need to instead of keeping the weight. Second, I will be earning the money I need to get AWBU.

      Hubby just gave me a third reason to keep me going. He said if I make it to two hundred pounds, he will get me the dress I have been wanting. I will be sharing a picture of the dress in my next post.

Until next we meet,


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