Secrect Santa Ornament Swap

Today is the day we with  Arkansas Women Bloggers reveal the ornament we got from other bloggers here in Arkansas.

When I got home last week, my Glitter Bug and always check the mail together. Just a little something we can do which makes her happy. This day there was a little manila envelope waiting on us. At first she thought it was for her however, after she read the first name (did I mention she is reading now??!!), she handed me the envelope to me. Of course the stream of questions started and she couldn’t wait to get stopped so she could open the mail.

Next thing I know she is jumping up and down asking if she can have them to put in her room. I knew they were from the ornament swap and had to tell her no. Which just about broke her heart, but all was fixed again when I told her she could put them on the tree. First thing she did after getting inside was head straight to the tree. She spent about ten minutes trying to decide where to put them. I asked her why did it take her so long. “Momma, I had to put them where Santa could see them. That way he will remember to visit the lady who made these for us.” Now it was my turn to melt. We want to say thank you very much to Megan at GlitterandRainbows. (Who you should check out.) The ornaments you made have a front spot on our tree.


I hope everyone has the holiday they are wishing for and be safe.
Until we meet next,
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