“A Week In Winter” review

For years I have been a fan of Maeve Binchy. I accidentally found one of her books in a second hand book store. That “Circle of Friends” and I have been hooked ever since.

    Fast forward to 2012, I found out she had passed way but she already had one last book she finished. Her husband, Gordon, went ahead and had it published, (He is always thanked in the dedication of each book.) “A Week in Winter.” I was excited to get to read her last novel.

  My favorite books by Maeve have been the one where each characters has their own story for each chapter that ties together by then. In this case each one ended with their week in winter special at the Stone House in Ireland. Before you think “not another dribble of “Ireland” story, she had a way to make to characters leap off the pages of her books with real problems that people are facing today. No idealist village we all want to be there if we visit. (I am not saying there are not.)  By the end of each book, you may have found you have cried, laughed, or shared the pain of the characters.

  Each one has a reason why they have come to the Stone house for their own week in winter. One came from a contest, another came for a trip with her boyfriend’s mom, lover of music, a retired principal, a couple of doctors, a librarian, an actor running away, and  a misguide youth looking for a fresh start. Chicky is the owner of the hotel. She has returned home after misguided adventure in America, that her family has no clue about. Chicky has a way to get people see their problems and come up with a way to fix them.

   Do your self a favor and pick up any of her books. Maybe you will find your next favorite author.

Until we next meet,

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