Glitter Bug

Last weekend it was finally warm and nice enough to go out and take pictures since Hubby got me my new camera. Glitter Bug was nice to agree to help me out by being my model. I wanted to share a few of my favorite. These are raw and have not been edited.

Sun was bright and she wasn’t too happy right here.

Daddy with a little sun shade made her happy. 

She kept begging for to play in the water. 

Ready to swing.

As she said “sitting pretty”

There was a little bit of wind. 

Monkey bar face. 

Love that smirk.

Momma this is how you are suppose to pose. 

Candid shot.

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Glitter Bug and Momma day

Well, we did have a good day. I would say the only bad part was that I have misplaced my camera. So I am sad to say there are no pictures. I would not have traded it for anything. I think the best part was that my sister got her Explore stuck in her ditch. It was awful. Well for her but the rest of of us thought it was funny.
I have some great news! My husband starts his new job tomorrow. I am so happy he has work. It has been a hard year and a half with no job for him. I am just thankful I had two jobs to hold the family somewhat together. And now he can feel like a man again as he says. To me he has been a man the whole time. I don’t know how many men can stay at home and help raise a child.
Got to go to bed. Hope to tell yall about my next story soon.

Until we next meet,

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