Playing Catch Up

The last month or so has been busy for our little family like most of everyone else. We are learning to say no to somethings and start slowing down but this year was not the year to make it happen. Instead it was filled to the brim and we enjoyed everything the season had to offer. We partied with family and friends, went light looking, watched all the Christmas movies, sent the cards out and ate more than we should have.

Also I enjoyed a social media break. I try to do this around the holiday season because I want to be present for what time I have with my family.  However, I am back!  I am ready to send 2016 off and get 2017 rocking.

To get y’all caught up here are the highlights since my last post.

Glitter had knee surgery and has healed great. The only bad part is she has fallen a couple of times and busted it back open but it is much better. Glitter has also made the all A honor roll both semesters. She is enjoying the gifted and talented program at school. She has turned into quite the reader. There have been times where we have to tell her to put the book down to get ready to go to school. It seems like an inconvenience but I need to remember she could be attached to screens instead of books.

Hubby and I are doing fine. We got to celebrate 10 years of marriage this year.  We managed to slip away for a long weekend without Glitter. I got to enjoy Megaphone Summit and he got to enjoy some ac and not having to work. (This was great for him since he works on air conditioners.) This conference was nice for me. I got to see more of my blogger friends who I haven’t seen in a year as well as getting to know some people better who I have been following.

Speaking of the conference, I learned a few things but more importantly it was good for my soul to hang out with these women and men who all have the same thing in mind: To lift each other up.  I even got a reminder of this by way of the ornament exchange Th e Women Bloggers do each year. Check back in a couple of days to see what I got.

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have know the big thing I made last month. I set a goal of walking 25 extra miles aside from my normal walking. I tried this in October but fell very short. November was the magic month for me. I broke my goal and also made me want to crush the goal more each month I make them.

I am excited to share and grow in 2017. I hope you will hang around and share with me.


Until we next meet,


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Ornament from The Bauer Bunch

I took part of AWB ornament swap 2013 and received one in exchange.

When it was announced Arkansas Women Bloggers were going to the the ornament swap again this year I was excited. I have always liked the idea of swapping ornaments.

When my package arrived this year I was excited to see who got my name.

Love how Christmasy it looks. 

Of course Glitter Bug is standing right with me begging to open the package. I was not sure if it was going to be breakable so I had to tell her no, but said she could hang in on our tree.  

This is what it looked like when it was in the box.

Look at how cute it is!!!


Glitter Bug hanging up our new ornament.

It fit perfectly on our tree (it is blue and silver colored tree). We love it!! She was kinda sad to see it packed away but can’t wait to hang it again next (this) year. Go check out The Bauer Bunch

Until we next meet,

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Tis the Season

Another Thanksgiving came and has gone. By now the last remnants of the huge dinner shared by so many family members are gone. Now it is time for the next holiday: Christmas.
If you are like me you are looking forward to this with happy abandonment. Not for the commercialization but for the wonderful opportunities this season has to offer. Of course cooking, baking goods, decorating your house inside and out with cheer. I have noticed already pictures on Facebook (yes Facebook) showing trees dressed in their holiday trappings.
Then you have all the special movies and TV shows which come along with this time of the year. At my house it is a tradition to watch the old Rakin and Bass cartoons. Maybe some are not familiar with those names but if I said “Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer,” or “Frosty the Snowman” you might remember them. My midget and I get all comfy and snuggled on the couch and enjoy them the week before Christmas. Oh boy does it sound like so much fun?
I would love to have you all share some of your family traditions!!! So lets hear them!
For now I must go tackle some of the housework before it comes to get me.

Until we next meet,

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