New Year, new things

The New Year has rolled around and then there are all those resolutions everyone makes. I don’t if you can say I made those however, I have decided to make some permanent changes in my life and hoping I can make them stay.
I want to spend more time with my daughter. Don’t get me wrong I do spend time with her but for the first three years of her life I was working two jobs just trying to keep the family afloat. Which means I missed out on a lot of stuff. Like seeing her eat some foods for the first time. Or learning new things. And finding out what she was into. I don’t want to be one of those mothers who spends all her time at work or at home but rather a balance of both.

I also want to become better organized with my house. I have already have made huge strides in this area. The real test is going to be when I start really unpacking from my move. I have been unpacking here and there but now is the time to get busy. With the organizing, I am hoping to have more time to do crafts like learning to knit, quilting and my writing. I already know how to crochet so yay. Just want to make more time with for things I like to do.

Maybe even take a cooking class. I think it would be fun. I do not think my town offers anything for the community wich would be cool so I will have to travel to a close by town. Texarkana is bigger (much bigger) than where I live, however, I am not even sure they offer anything like that. If you guys have any ideas of getting something like this started please let me know.

Well, unpacking and my daughter calls.

Until we next meet,

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