Beef Tips with my favorite rice

One of my favorite meals has always been beef tips and rice. Over the years, as I have grown, my tastes have changed, but still my favorite meal has stayed the same.

It all started with my mom. I am sure most of us can trace our favorite meals back to something our mom cooked. These remind us of home, our childhood, and memories. All the things we are fond to think back on. Back to my mom though, she was a whiz of making supper out of nothing.  However, this was not one of those times. I can remember many times we have had things which were close to beef tips, but never was.  She decided to use the last of the rice and stew meat. She also made her own gravy.  I was not expecting the result. It was truly amazing and I couldn’t wait for her to make it again.  Surely there were other times she made this but the first time is what sticks in my mind.

I wanted to share this experience with my daughter and husband. My first few attempts were not as successful as I would have liked. There was something I was missing and I could not figure it out. The rice always clumped together and made a very sticky mess. Even by following the directions on the package the rice was still sticky. My quest continued for the best beef tips.

Finally, I found the perfect rice for this dish. I happened to stumble upon it at my first blog conference. Riceland was one of the sponsors for both the conference and the Saturday lunch I attended. At the lunch we all got a box of some of Riceland’s products. One of which, I had not heard of, was Riceland Gold Parboiled Long Grain Rice.20161031_114906

I didn’t know how I wanted to use it. The rice sat in my freezer waiting for me to figure how to put into use. Then the light went off in my head. You haven’t tried this for beef tips. At first it seemed a little scary because I do not have a great track record of cooking rice. If you have the same problem this rice should be your go to.  When this was cooked the rice was so tender and the best part… it didn’t become one sticky mess!! Y’all in that instant this rice became my favorite.

Fast forward four years and I am still using this rice. Now when my daughter sees me get this out of the freezer she knows it is time to have her favorite supper too. I wanted to share our super easy recipe for beef tips and rice since you spent all this time reading with me. I cook for a family of three and enough to have leftovers the next day so it will be different if you just want to cook a single meal. Just reduce the amounts accordingly.


2 lbs of stew meat

1 ½ cartons of unsalted beef stock

3 tablespoons of better than boullion beef base

Brown gravy (enough to make 3 cups) mix

Salt and pepper to taste

Put your meat into the crockpot and season. Add the beef stock, brown gravy, and beef base. Stir well. Set on high for 6 hours.

In the last 30 minutes of the cook time, cook your Riceland Gold rice according to the back of the package.  I cook 6 servings of the rice.  But instead of using water use the correct amount of beef stock.

Put rice in bottom of bowl and add the meat and gravy to the top. It is really that simple.


You can buy the Riceland Gold rice here. What is your favorite rice?

Until we next meet,


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Roll Ups/Pin Wheels

We have had a nice little break from the heat this week, however, today it returns. I guess all good things have to end sometime. 
    Last week I was looking for something to do for supper(dinner) which would not require heating the house. Glitter Bug asked if she could pick out what we were having. This was great for me since it was her turn to pick family dinner. She picked roll ups. Now we call them roll ups but most people call them pin wheels. They are not the most healthy things to eat but every great once in while I don’t mind making them. (I must say I have been told by my husband family this is what I am to bring to every family function.) They are super easy to make as well as no cooking!!
Just a few ingredients. 
 Here is the list of what I used:
2 8oz packages of reduced fat cream cheese
2 small green onions cut up
1 TBS of homemade ranchmix
1/2 package of diced ham 
1/2 can of black olives 
1 package of tortillas.
Put all into a food processor and chop. Spread mixture over tortillas. Chill for one hour. Cut into slices, serve. 
   You can use whatever you want in the cream cheese mixture. My family loves olives and ham. You could try to sneak veggies into the mixture if you have trouble with anyone in your family eating them. Everything is mixed together, so throwing a couple of veggies in may not hurt. Have fun and experiment and let me know. 
Until we next meet,

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Squash Patties

Now that summer is here (at least where I am from), heating the house for supper is not my idea of  fun. But I sure do love to cook. So I found a couple of easy quick recipes to help me with not cooking so much. One is my favorite and a great way to use up the squash, which is plentiful in the summer. 
 You can use either squash or zucchini. Both grow super fast so you should be able to find either one in the summer at your local farmer’s market if you don’t grown your own. It is super easy and can be made to be gluten free easy. 

3 Squash, shredded
1 Egg
1/2 to 1 cup of cornmeal
1 onion chopped (optional)
salt, pepper, garlic to taste.

Combine all ingredients in a large mixing bowl. Make into patties, like hamburger. Put in a little oil in a frying pan, if you wish. I use a non stick pan but when I use my cast iron I add oil. Pan fry until done. Using cornmeal means there is no gluten. I use a local cornmeal and love it. I mean who would not like to use local items. 

Here is my local cornmeal!!!!

Pair these patties with some ham of your choice. I like Kentucky Legend brown sugar. 

Hope you enjoy and would love to hear if you tried these.  Next week I will have another simple summer recipe for y’all!!

Until we next meet,


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