Lone pumpkin

Last  year was the first year we were in our own home, so I thought to myself I am doing to decorate for fall/Halloween. It will be great since it is our house. I can put lights up (yes they make black string lights.) put pumpkins in the yard, maybe even make a “spider’s” web with a candy treat in my Glitter Bug’s room. Here starts planning and getting my list together to buy what I need to make these great ideas happen.
The first couple of weeks in October go by and I am still thinking I have plenty of time to get going, right? I mean I should be able to crank this out on one of my weekend days in between getting the house clean and taking care of Glitter Bug.
The next day I make the run to the store with a four year in tow who did not want to leave the house. We get to Wal-Mart and the first melt down happens. We get that patched up, hopefully until we get home, and head to the craft section. After picking up the basics it’s off to the Halloween section. Now meltdown number two happens. I figure I am pushing my luck and should just grab a couple of things and make a run for the checkout counter. After checking out we head back home for a nap and some “Mom” time to get this done.
Two hours later, I wake up for the nap I didn’t even mean to take. Glitter Bug really wanted me to lay down with her so she could have Mommy nap with her. I only meant to lay there until she drifted off to the land of dreams. No big deal I can still get this done.
Needless to say I mucked decorating up. I never really found the time after that day. It was one minor crises after another. I vowed to decorate this year. Nothing will stop me.
Here is it, time to get my self into gear. I start to find all the craft stuff and Halloween items. I check the normal places with no luck. Maybe I moved it with the Christmas stuff. Nada. After two days of trying to find them I come to point I used them some time in the last year. Great. The only thing I have to show for all the looking is one little pumpkin with fall flowers in from my mom. I guess with it out on my bar I am done decorating.


I hope to add to the lone pumpkin when the sales start or the next time I have a free day.
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