Time brings change

As the old adage goes: Time changes everything. This applies to my little blog now.  In the past I have focused more on Glitter Bug but as she grows things have changed. The stories she is living now are hers to tell or keep to herself. She nows dreads the flash of the camera. This change has prompted me into rediscovering what makes me outside of being her mother. ( I will ALWAYS be her mother no matter what.)

I thought  a quick post about sharing this would help explain where things are going and I hope you stay around to see where we end up. If not, that is cool and it was nice to have you here. I have just been told by Glitter Bug there are still a few stories she will let me share so she will still be around a little.


Until we next meet,



County Fair Time

Last week was our county fair. Let me tell you, it was crazy!! Bed time went out the window from the get go and it was wonderful. By the end of the week, we were glad for it to be over.

This year, we focused on Glitter Bug learning to craft and come up with her own ideas. She had fun and did pretty good with ribbons. She also showed chickens again this year. This was her first year to get to participate in the premium sale. Really this is a sponsorship from local businesses to give back to the 4 H kids to help offset the cost of raising the animals. Unfortunately Hubby or I were not able to attend however, she had her great grandparents. They made a day of it and she got to show off all her crafts to them.






There were a couple of things she put in the fair, she couldn’t find. We found them finally which surprised her.
20160831_1740561 20160831_1737231


Even though the sauce and pickles don’t have ribbons, she won first place on both of them. The pickles and the heart won best of show. G.B. was over the moon.
Do you put entries in your county fair or what you have? I would love to hear about it.
Until we next meet,



Last hurrah of summer

A couple of  weekends ago we decided to send summer off with one last hurrah. With school starting, it was time to say goodbye to Summer. The best way I figured to send Summer off was to go visit a new Arkansas State Park. I will say we were not disappointed with our choice.

Hubby and I have been wanting to take Glitter Bug to Cossatot River State Park- Natural Area. We thought this would be a great park to visit because it is not far from us. Plus Glitter Bug LOVES rocks of all kinds and this park is full of them.


These two wouldn’t keep still long enough for a decent picture. G.B. wanted to study the sign instead of taking a picture.
Our next stop was to the visitor center to check out what the park had to offer.
This park is managed by both Arkansas State Parks and Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission. Cossatot became a park in February of 1988. There are hiking trails and lots of rapids for people to enjoy. Most of the rapids are for experienced rafters. However, you can still climb rocks to see the river up close or even swim in certain places. Also offered are picnic tables by the swimming area.


This is where we found some people swimming. Doesn’t  the water look pretty? Plus look at those rocks! If you have a rock hound like me, then this is a must go place.
Daddy and Glitter Bug spent most of their time doing this and I spent most of our time enjoying all the memories being made.
This park is on our go back list. I can’t wait to see it in the fall. What Arkansas State Park have you been to lately?
Until we next meet,


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10 Free Printable Coloring Sheets to beat the Summer Heat.

Summer here is at full force. The temperatures have been close to triple digits and the feels like has been in triple digits for a while. This means slowing down and less time outside. On the other hand, we have been trying to find stuff to do inside.

Down here in Southwest Arkansas, there is the library, two local museums and not much else. After a couple of trips to the museums, Glitter Bug has tired of them. Instead we have been lots of coloring to beat the heat and boredom. Glitter Bug prefers the adult coloring pages because of the challenge for her.

We want to share some of our favorite free printable coloring pages.

What are you doing this summer to beat the heat?
Until we next meet,

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Summer Goodies.

Summer is here and  it has come on strong. This past week we have seen very hot to almost bareable for me. However, the vegetable game is strong this year.

We have the luck of being able to go to two different farmer’s markets. Normally I would be growing my own vegetables bu a storm washed all my plants out of my raised beds. Now we go to our local farmer’s markets on Tuesday and Saturday.  We have made friends with a couple of the local farmers which allows Glitter Bug to see where our food comes from. This has also allowed me to do some canning.

Yesterday was the first time I canned without my Hubby’s help. I have to say it was a lot of hard work and heat. Glitter Bug did help by packing the slices in, moving jars and putting in the crisper stuff. She also pulled a couple of the jars out of the canner. This made canning pickles much more fun and exciting for her. Here is some of our work.

As you can see we had lots of fun. I am looking forward to canning pasta sauce with Glitter Bug soon. What do you enjoy about summer?
Until we next meet,
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Spring in Full Swing

Spring has definitely sprung here in Arkansas. Every where you look flowers, bees, and of course gardening. I have been looking at what to plant and enjoying the see counter at my local farm store. 

This is not all of the seed

s they have. Just on the other side there are two smaller drawer cabinets full of seeds. My friend and I spent forever looking around trying to narrow our choices down to just a few. I am sure I got more than I needed right now.

We also found out the seed cabinet is running year round. When it is time to put in our fall garden I know where we will be going for seeds. A great other perk about the farm store is most of the seeds are heirloom!! This means I don’t have to buy the same seeds each year and Glitter Bug can grow  some yumminess. 
The only draw back we have right now is our yard. Don’t get me wrong I love our place but the yard holds water and our Winter and Spring have been wet. The past couple of days have been the only ones were no muck boots are required to go out in the yard. So we have not had the chance to plant. I think we are looking into raised beds and container gardening. There is nothing like planting a seed knowing in a few weeks there will be something we can eat. 
Also with Spring here Softball is happening in our house. Glitter Bug doesn’t care for much other sports than softball. This year she is wanting to practice more so most of my evenings look like this. 
And we do have more chickens on our little farm. Currently we have “adults”, “teenagers”, and “babies”. The babies are for 4H all 17. With the new ones our total is up the 41. Having that many is a little stressful. They are all outside now so no more chickens in my living room. Here are the teenagers a couple of weeks ago.
What is your Spring looking like?
Until we next meet,
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Family, Friends and a 5K

This year of potential has been full. Lots of walks/runs with friends. These past couple of weeks have been lots of miles and it has been wonderful. The training for my 5K on the 28th has been steady. Then I went and did something completely crazy.

On Thursday, I found out there was a 5K schedule for the 21st right here in my town. The first thing was think I should totally do this and then the next thought was “What are you thinking? You are already doing one next week. Don’t ask for trouble.”  I decided to stuff the negative thoughts down and just go.  Holly couldn’t go (even though she is the one who told me about the race) and it was looking like I was going to do it alone. I mean my Hubby and Glitter Bug were going to be there to cheer me on. And another friend agreed to go with me.

So the big day arrived today. I am totally rocking those running pants and basketball shorts. This is pre-race still smiling because I have no clue what is coming up. And the nerves kicking in, big time! Thank goodness Hubby, Glitter Bug, and Jack were still calm and telling me the race can be done. Not long after this picture was taken they called for all the runner to head to the start line. As the runners starting lining up, I was second thoughts but Jack was there to help me start and finish the race. Then boom! We were off, running up hill. At this point, I found out I still need lots of training to do. There was running, walking and talking for the first two miles. 
Remember the basket ball shorts? They became too much in this heat (if you call 60 degrees heat. I do in winter). So here we are in a house subdivision walking and I stop and remove the basket ball shorts.  Giggle fit hit because I am pretty sure seeing a woman stepping out of shorts was funny. 
I will not lie the last mile was very hard and I totally thought the end would never come. When the mile 3 sign was spotted a little part of me just wanted to go hug the sign and stay there but Jack was encouraging me to finish the race. 
49 minutes after I started the race, I finished the race. My first 5K was under an hour and over! Then it hit me: I can’t wait until the next 5K. 
Until we next meet,
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AR 529

Every year my mom asks me the same thing: What does Glitter Bug want for Christmas? And it is just about time for that dreaded question. Seriously, this question ranks right up there with breaking a bone in my opinion. I really don’t have a clue what she wants. She is one of those children who never really asks for anything expect for a book and candy.  This year I am armed and ready for this question thanks to AR529.
I had never hear of this wonderful program until I had a chance to go to P. Allen Smith home to learn about this great program.
AR529 is a way to save for college for your child or another family member. Right there caught my attention. I have a few nieces and nephews who are all around the same age as my daughter. If my daughter didn’t need any of the money we saved then, one of the other children could benefit from the saving. Or Hubby could use some to take a couple of classes. And there is also a little something for the person making the gift. Your gift is

Eligible, as an Arkansas taxpayer, for a state income tax deduction of up to $10,000, if you’re married and filing jointly; or up to $5,000, if you’re single.

You get to help yourself now and your child later. So it is kind of like two gifts in one.

Also, this makes a great baby shower gift. Babies grow so fast which means the clothes from the baby shower will be a short lived thing and a gift towards their future won’t be a short lived thing.

As the season of gifts is upon us, think about a child’s future and give the gift which keeps on giving AR529

Go check out my friends Jessica and Sharla who also went to learn about AR529 and check back soon for all the pictures of our trip and all the fun we had.

I was invited to Moss Mountain to learn about this program. All opinions are my own.

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Dear Daughter

Dear Daughter,

You don’t know it but you have made me one proud Mom. I am so glad to call you mine. Well, I really have been since the day your dad and I found out you were hanging out in my stomach. However, this past week you became a very independent young lady.

We all went to your eye doctor appointment since you failed your eye exam at school. None of us where really wanting to go but there we all were. You wanted Daddy to go with you but I knew I was the one who needed to go back with you. See Moms just know sometimes no one else will work. As the decision was given to you about needing glasses you looked so sad and upset.

When asked why you were upset you told me: “It’s because I have to get glasses and everyone is going to make fun of me.” My heart broke when you spoke these words. You have to go back to school and there was no way I could stop the teasing from happening. All I could tell you is you will be able to see better and you will be fine. However, inside I was hurting for you.  
Then you did something which surprised your Dad and I. When you put your glasses on and could see so much better, your whole attitude about glasses changed. There you were all smiles and so happy. 
Right then and there, you made the decision to keeping your head up, keep smiling and not care what people thought. In that moment, there was another step toward growing up you took all by yourself. Even though I miss my little girl who would snuggle at every chance, the young lady you are turning into makes up for the missed snuggles. I pray you will keep growing and keeping your head held high and always remember Momma is always here for you.

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Things I learned from the Hope Watermelon Festival

Here are the things I learned from the Hope Watermelon Festival this year:

1. Rain will not stop people.
Really it wasn’t too bad even with the rain. It didn’t get too hot and the sun did finally come out. Seriously though, the rain did not stop people from coming out. I really thought there would hardly be anyone that morning. To my surprise, it was pretty busy. Maybe the rain dampened some plans however, things were still full in swing.

2. My SUV will get stuck in the mud.
Found this one little gem out the hard way. By this point, I was ready to go. Glitter Bug came back to where all the family was(she was with other family so it was all good.) and I was ready to go spend time with her since she stayed with Great-Grandparents for two nights in a row. Boy did she look like a drowned rat with tangles all in her hair. I didn’t get a picture of how she looked but trust me it was not pretty. So we get ready to leave and next thing I know, the car is not moving anymore. Thank goodness, family was there. After a couple of pushes, we were on our way again.

Poor bumper looks a lot worse now. The paint is peeling. 

3. Punishment doesn’t always work.

Back to my child who looked like she had played in the rain. She had long hair. Maybe to the middle of her back. (She is now about 4’4 inches tall. Pretty tall for a 7 year old) If her hair is left down it looks like it hasn’t been brushed ever. We have tried everything to get her to put it up with no chance. So off to the salon to get it cut. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s her hair and she wants long hair. However, it needed to been trimmed too. We told her it was time to get it cut. Usually she has a fit over this but makes her think about why it is important to take care of your hair. Little did I know, she LOVES her “short” hair. 
What she calls her “short’ hair. It is just below her shoulders when straight.

4. Family is always a good thing to have.

I am glad to have my husband’s family. Really they are my family too. It is nice to sit down and enjoy a meal together with them. It is so awesome to have this yearly tradition of having supper together at the festival. Maybe the festival is really just one giant family gathering for us. 
Until we next meet,

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